If you love country music, you'll love this CD. And if you hate country music, you'll love this CD!

THE COW PIES - Totally Twisted Country, with its outrageous, laugh out loud lyrics and amazing honky-tonk arrangements, turns country music on its head.

You won't stop laughing and you won't want to stop dancing to 12 of the most wonderfully warped songs ever recorded.

WILL MY NEW BOOBS GO TO HEAVEN is the story of a young woman's concern that her recent breast implants might not be allowed to accompany her to the hereafter.

OLD MEMORIES is a man's sad tale of lost love and masturbation while GRANDMA AT THE AIRPORT describes how a lonely elderly widow finds sexual fulfillment while being fondled in the name of national security.

A must for parties, weddings and on occasion, funerals.  You'll want to play this CD again and again.

Warning: If you've read up to this point, it's obvious this CD is not suitable for children or adults who are no fun to hang with. But should they by chance, come into possession of it, they'll love track 12 - THE FART SONG.


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